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Dates and Fees

February 8, 2016. End of topic registration
February 15, 2016. Submission of abstracts (abstract form here) to Notification of acceptance within a week after submission (do not forget to check the Trash folder if you do not get the answer in one week).
March 11, 2016. Submission of papers (full document length 8 pages, layout form here, citation rules, paper language English) and payment of registration fee (After payment send a scanned copy of your transaction to (No refunds).
(May 23, 2016. Research presentation poster should be already delivered).
May 27, 2016. Research presentation slides (.ppt or .pdf format) should be sent to Presentations only in English.
June 2-3, 2016. Conference event at Mykolas Romeris University, Ateities str. 20, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

 Registration fee is used to cover organizational expenses of the conference (publishing services, coffee breaks, etc.)

Fee with article – 25 €.
Fee without article – 15 €.

After payment send a scanned copy of your transaction to

Payment information:
Account No: LT08 7300 0100 0247 0017
Bank: AB Swedbank
Bank Code: 73000
Purpose of payment (necessary to write!): MRU DD CONFERENCE 2016 Your full name

After payment send a scanned copy of your transaction to

Any questions? Contact us by